We are James & Lianne Wedding Photography – a she & him team photographing weddings in Leeds and North Yorkshire. You’ll find out more about us in the Behind The Lens section, but for now, let us tell you that we love relaxed weddings where couples do what they do because they want to do it; where belly laughs and approachable photography goes hand in hand.

We’re not the kind of photographers who tell you how to plan your day, we want to record it the way you remember it without being bossy and being more of a guest than anything else. And because you get two wedding photographers, we capture everything from every angle. We believe in the groom, where he gets his morning prepatations with the boys photographed with just as much heart and devotion as the bride gets her preparations covered.

And together, we’ll record all those little wedding details that you put so much thought into and document all the moments you didn’t even know happened – until you get your photos back! And lastly, we believe that your wedding portraits shouldn’t be formal, they should be about you. If you’re awkward, lets photograph you and your awkward laughs; if you’re naturals, then lets romance it up – but our whole motto is that it’s all about you.





We know your wedding is unique. We know you want your wedding to be completely different from your brother’s or your sister’s. We respect that and we want to help you embrace it. We’re the type of photographers who not only offer a duo of two moment-capturing-ninjas, we also offer those moments captured on film.

We’re not talking video film here, we’re talking real artisan quality photographic film. We shoot on a range of the best cameras available from the past sixty years, all of which deliver a quality that not even the most top of the range digital cameras can’t replicate. Yes, it’s really that good!

Film is for everyone. Film lasts. 

The photos that have stood the test of time have all been on film. Rest assured we shoot on digital too for it’s speed and candidness, but when it comes to true, beautiful wedding portraits, it has to be film. And wouldn’t you rather be able to pass on your wedding photos to your future generations knowing that they can’t be deleted forever in an instant?

Believe in film.



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We’re not bragging (much!) but here’s a few of the places that we’ve been featured and the awards we’ve received recently. We’re pretty proud of all this.

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