Abi Parker – [Leeds Band Promo Photography]

Abi got in touch recently to get her first set of promotional photos done. She’s making a big push this year to get out there with her folky bluesy music and needed something that fit her style. I went with the idea of outdoory/low-sunlighty vibes and made it up as I went along on the day to see what worked with her personality.

Abi’s never done a photo shoot before but before long she was posing like a pro without giving it cheese. I’m a big advocate of ‘relaxed’ photographs. I don’t like things to look like I told my subject what to do. Instead, I like to capture moments that look as natural as possible that were just magically captured on camera. Working with Abi was a joy and we got too many of these moments to count, but here’s a selection of some of my favourites.