Husband & Wife Wedding Photographers in Leeds

Hello! We've been photographing weddings since 2010. Since then, we've got married ourselves and photographed over 250 weddings. You're in safe, knowledgeable hands.

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Quick Fire Factsheet

We're both Loiners (that's people from Leeds) and highschool sweethearts.
We both achieved our Masters Degrees in 2017, both with distinction.
Our garden was featured on Gardeners' World.
We were both once in the running to becoming America’s Next Top Model (no…really!)
We love to cook, our honeymoon was a food/cookery holiday.
Portobello Road Gin, Diplomatico Rum, Nikka Whiskey.

James & Lianne

Leeds Wedding Photographers James and Lianne


I got into the photography biz after accidentally taking an A level in it. Yeah, accidentally…long story! But it grew on me and I ended up managing a photo lab for three years where I learnt the other side of photography and specialised in perfect print quality and darkroom techniques. I then spent another three years on a BA Photography degree and came out with a 1st Class with honours. Around that time I was shooting for magazines and editorial where I was given a brief for the day, giving me only 20 minutes to get to know a person, their story and what the whole shoot was about and I quickly realised that wasn’t long enough to tell someone’s story. With weddings, I’ve got a year to get to know people and then on the final day, I can help culminate all that knowledge about those people into meaningful photos that represent who they are. Wedding photography was always a natural progression and I feel right at home with it. I am currently studying for my PhD in History of Art in Leeds.

Leeds Wedding Photographers James and Lianne


My background is in the creative arts. My main passions and studies have been film and literature which inspires me every day in what I create for our couples. I definitely shoot with a filmic look and I’m always focussing on the story of the day – capturing the way everything unfolds in front of me and recording those moments beautifully. I’ve been shooting weddings for almost 9 years now and I love to take my inspirations from my own creative pursuits into wedding photography. My love of films naturally stemmed into film making, and as we love film and analogue photography at James & Lianne Wedding Photography, I make lots of films in my spare time on Super8 cameras. There’s nothing like the joy of switching all the lights off and rolling a 3 minute film on the projector and I love to make that happen. For me, the value of visual media lies in it’s lasting memory.