We're pretty much regulars at The Faversham in Leeds; it's gone from the club we used to fall out of at 3am to our most popular city centre wedding venue. Never in our uni days would we have thought we'd be working here on the regular and in what turned out to be such a gorgeous
Menolly & James both started their wedding day on a crisp winter morning in Leeds. James started his morning writing his speech whilst Menolly was upstaged by the cat who wanted to be in all the photos! But before long they arrived at the frankly fantastic, brand new rustic b
Today marks new beginnings for many. Lots of couple can now say 'we're getting married this year!' now we're into 2017, but 2016 was yet another fantastic year of weddings for us. We spent it with old friends and made new ones along the way. We're always completely humbled that o
Sarah and Michael are getting married in just a few short weeks. We picked a rare, sunny day out on the east coast for a little engagement shoot on the beach. We'd been to Withernsea beach recently (see our previous blogpost) so we opted for Tunstall beach just a little bit furth
It's been a long while since we did a personal blog post. We get so caught up in all the fervor of wedding season that we often have little time to stop and make photographs for ourselves. What follows is a compendium of 2016 (and a bit of 2015 too), all our trips and home life a
After 23 years together, when the law changed to allow them to legally marry, Anne and Lesley decided to go right ahead and do it 'because they could'! What better reason does one need!? They chose the Yorkshire Wedding Barn (aka. Gilling Old Mill Barn) in Gilling West with it's
Where better for foodies to get married than a Michelin-starred restaurant in the sleepy village of Harome just outside Helmsley. The Star Inn in Harome and it's hotel The Cross House Lodge literally across the road offer a luxury, intimacy for small weddings that's difficult to