Hello and welcome to a brief interruption to our regularly scheduled programming of beautiful, fun, quirky, vintage and relaxed weddings. When I and James were deciding to rebrand at the beginning of the year, one thing we wanted to do was not just be a ‘cookie cutter’ wed
With our wedding season kicking off next week, James' birthday week is really the last week of winter we have to take off before we get back into the thick of things before we have time off again in November. So here's probably the last of our personal posts for a while before a
A new year, a new look! 2011 was a good year for us, it was our first full year in business and we did a great many things in that year. We did some amazing weddings including our first international wedding which made us feel like we'd come a long way in such a short space of ti
Meet the uber-cool Lottes and Rob. When they booked us last  year for their steampunk inspired wedding extravaganza next month, we immediately billed it as the most unique and exciting wedding of 2011. We are so geared up for it, we can't wait!We decided that their engagement s
Me and Lianne had a bit of time off set aside and after being declare @HarewoodHouse 's 1000th follower on twitter (and thusly winning a free family ticket to visit) we got suited and booted and headed on up to the most northerly end of Leeds.I think the last time I was here I
Me and Lianne are hitting the vintage wedding fairs this Autumn so we've been busy putting together our printed promotional materials. We were in need of some photos of the both of us so set up a 'spare-bedroom-studio' and got a-clicking.We thought we'd start off with some behi
Abi got in touch recently to get her first set of promotional photos done. She's making a big push this year to get out there with her folky bluesy music and needed something that fit her style. I went with the idea of outdoory/low-sunlighty vibes and made it up as I went along o
We celebrated our 9th anniversary in May and I figured it was high time I got round to blogging some photos from our weekend in London.I'm generally a bit of a pain whenever we go anywhere as I always bring a camera but then have to bring everything else with it like extra lens
What a weekend to get married! The first Summer heat wave of the year and I had the privilege of photographing Gill and Russ's intimate wedding at Leeds Town Hall. Gill arrives with the little one in tow.I love these shots of Russ waiting patiently for his new bride and then