Thanks to everyone who came to see us yesterday at the Harrogate Vintage Wedding Fair at the St George Hotel. It was so great to hear about so many different wedding ideas that really got us inspired for the year ahead, we're really looking forward to working with you all!
Last month we found a spare week in which to have a little break in Malta. We'd been two years before but being such a tiny island, we'd figured we might as well do the other half that we hadn't seen on our first visit and complete our tour as well as kick back a little. Here's a
We love when a couple has clear ideas about what they want to do with their engagement shoots. Kerry and Dakis really wanted photos of them having fun (I used the word mincing!) up and down Blackpool Pier with all it's quirky vintagey goodness as a backdrop. So that's what we did
Becki & Jamie's wedding is one of those that just have an aura of awesomeness to it whenever it's mentioned. I don't want to give too much away just yet but we're off to buy some wellies next weekend in preparation and we're going to need a spa day after the two day's of amaz
These guys are awesome. They do that touchy feel cuddly stuff that as photographers we love, and they just do it so naturally. There's true love in the air here.They're getting married this month in one of our favourite venues, with a retro car we've always wanted to test drive