Caz & Tim – Alicia Hotel, Liverpool Wedding

Tim and Lianne were at university together ‘back in the day’ and when we found out Tim and the wonderful Caz were tying the knot – we were excited to come photograph it!

I joined Caz starting out her day at the Alicia Hotel in Sefton Park, Liverpool.

What a dress! It took up half the room*1 but it just looked stunning*2. I had to squeeze off quite a few photos to capture all the details.

Notes: *1-Slight exaggeration. *2 – Definitely not an exaggeration.

Any good wedding starts out with a fried breakfast of some sort!

Dress time, this is always our favourite bit…

Granada TV were out doing a feature on the Alicia Hotel so we got involved and were on TV that night! Just another day at James & Lianne Wedding Photography!

My favourite photo from the morning was one I grabbed at the very last second as the car was pulling away. It’s a mix of excitement and nervousness and everything else rolled into one.

Congratulations to you both.