Congratulations to us!

We celebrated our 9th anniversary in May and I figured it was high time I got round to blogging some photos from our weekend in London.

I’m generally a bit of a pain whenever we go anywhere as I always bring a camera but then have to bring everything else with it like extra lenses, tripods etc. It get’s a bit tiresome! So, for the sake of actually celebrating our 9th anniversary this year (and not concentrating so much on photographing it) we opted for one from our vintage camera collection, the Olympus Trip 35.

With just a few rolls of Kodak Tri-X 400 (yes, this is film!) we could stash the camera and get down to exploring the city and not lugging about a bag full of gear.

On to the photos….

It was a sunny weekend, which naturally called for ice-cream!

And just as naturally, when in London, you’ve got to hit some of the sights! Thanks to the foreign dude who we commissioned for this anniversary snap.

We obviously hit Camden for some vintage wares. I came pre-prepared with a list of shops to visit but they aren’t so easy to locate when in the markets! Lianne snapped up an amazing 50s dress which she’s eager to slip into whenever the opportunity arises.

I grabbed me a proper bow-tie. You know the queen can tell a clip on from a proper one!? I won’t be embarrassing myself in front of ma’am no more!

Lianne gives the tricky tie a go…(courtesy of blurry-cam).

And onto some liquid celebrations in the Sky Lounge. It seems by this time, the camera had already beaten us to the drinks and was blurry eyed himself. We followed it up with some mid-cocktail rooftop portraits.


You can thank us for saving you from our most embarrassing photos!

Here’s to another great year together. Suggestions for our first decade anniversary on a postcard please.