Engagement Shoots in Leeds

We love doing engagement shoots in Leeds, there’s just so many places to choose from to suit any mood. There’s urban and industrial spendlour in the city and amazing scenery and rural landscapes in the outskirts. There’s so much to offer and we’re grateful to have it all on our doorstep. Engagement shoots are a bit of fun. Nothing stuffy, no awkward posing. Just you two together to shake out the nerves, figure out what does and doesn’t work for you and help us break the ice a little. You’ll be nice and loose ready for the big day and you’ll have some lovely photos of the two of you at the end of it.

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How long does a shoot take?
Typically about 45 minutes.
Whereabouts do you do the shoots?
Travel is included within the Leeds LS postcode. There's a lot to offer in that huge area though - from urban and industrial to rural and epic landscapes. The choice is yours.
Can I have my shoot on a Saturday?
The short answer is 'no', but with a 'maybe'! We're usually booked out for most Saturdays in the year for weddings. Ideally, engagement shoots are mid-week but we can often do a few Sundays in the summer or if there is a free Saturday we can schedule in with the caveat that any wedding booking that comes in means we'll have to reschedule your engagement shoot.
What should I wear?
Avoid big logos. Just smart/casual. Nothing dressy, nothing scruffy.
When do we need to do our engagement shoot?
If you're getting married in the summer, most shoots are in the spring. If you're getting married in the winter, we'll likely be doing your shoot in the autumn. Ideally, we like to do your shoot within 3 months of your wedding if possible.