Family Photos Roundup

We recently ran two days of mini-sessions; family photoshoots, couples photography, babies, pets, you name it… we shot it! We wanted to create a weekend where anyone could pay a small amount of money and bring along everyone who was important to them and because we ran a time-slot service, people could just book the time that suited them and we managed to keep our costs right down: win-win for everyone!

We had a great mix of families, kids, a baby, pets and couples which was something that kept it fresh across the whole weekend for us, every mini-session was different. We had a rural spot in Ilkley on day one and an urban spot in Leeds City Centre for day two and the mix is fantastic. Everyone got what they wanted and could choose the type of scenery that suited them.

We kept everything fun, natural and unposed and kept it lighthearted but still maintaining the emphasis on frameable family photos! We had pretty blustery and rainy weather the whole weekend but that didn’t put a stop to the energy and belly laughs that rippled across all the sessions!

The one thing we wanted to make sure of was that everyone could have something tangible to take away with them. Printing your photos is so important. They don’t belong on hard-drives where they can’t be seen. They don’t belong on facebook with terrible quality either. They belong in the home, pride of place, bring a smile every time you see it and pick it up. With that aim we gave everyone a real Polaroid photo to take away with them. Everyone loved seeing them develop before their eyes, the kids especially!

We had so much fun doing these we’ll be running two lots of mini-sessions every year. One in the autumn and one in the spring. If you’re interested, register your details here and we’ll book you in for the spring.

Here’s a little round-up of what we got up to!

Family Photographer Leeds City CentreFamily Photographer Leeds Ilkley MoorRelaxed Family Photos Leeds City CentreAlternatives to Venture Family Photos LeedsNew born photographer leedsIlkely Moor Portrait PhotographsFamily Photographer Leeds City Centrenatural_family_photos_leeds_photographer_0008natural_family_photos_leeds_photographer_0009Fun Natural Family Photos LeedsDog Pet photographer Leedsnatural_family_photos_leeds_photographer_0012Polaroid Family Photos Leedsnatural_family_photos_leeds_photographer_0014Family Photographer Leeds City CentreFamily Photography Ilkley MoorFamily Photographer Leeds City CentreBaby Photographers Leedsnatural_family_photos_leeds_photographer_0019Pet Photographers LeedsFamily Photographer Leeds City Centrenatural_family_photos_leeds_photographer_0022Family Photographer Leeds City CentreFamily Photographer Leeds City CentreMini-Sessions Photography Leeds