How much do you charge?

Our 2021/22 price is £1850 for a full day’s photography with both of us on the day for our ‘Digital Package’. To include an Album and an Engagement shoot, we have our ‘Album Package’ at £2450. For full details on what’s included, please visit the prices page.

How far do you travel?

We love our fellow Yorkshire folk but we travel all over the North. Lancashire, Cumbria, The Lakes, County Durham, Greater Manchester, and parts of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. Anywhere further than a 50 mile round trip from our base in Leeds is charged at £0.45 per mile.

I hate my photo being taken!

You’re not the only one. We’re very friendly people and we put you at ease with a helpful dose of cheekiness. We also include a pre-wedding photo shoot in our album package (an optional extra in our digital package for £200) a month or so before your wedding so you can get used to the lens and learn to relax.

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Do you stay for the whole day?

Our aim is to photograph the whole story of the day. We don’t like to leave before the end! We start right from the preparations and leave after the first dance after we’ve had a boogie+wave-a-camera-over-our-head session!

How many photos do I get with that?

After editing your images and getting the very best ones that tell your story looking perfect you’ll receive a USB in a presentation box with a minimum of 400 (often over 500) images which includes a license to print as and when you want.

Are you insured?

We are have both public liability and public indemnity insurance should anything happen (not that we’ve ever needed it!)

Leeds Wedding Photographer Portfolio

I live out of town/in another country.

We usually like to get to know you before the big day so we’re always in email/phone contact with you, particularly in the run up a month beforehand. If you live a long distance from us but want to enquire about booking us, we’re always happy to Skype/FaceTime with you and meet you that way.

Do you take ‘traditional’ photos?

Our style is documentary/photojournalistic. Which means we like to blend in and capture things as they happen rather than forcing you to do anything on the day. However, we still like to do a couple group shots and portraits of the happy couple (your mum will always want them!)

Do you provide my photos in colour or black and white?

Both. We’ll edit your photos individually and very carefully and make judgements whether a photo will look better in colour or black and white. We’ve been in the game for a while so know when an image is going to pop in colour or look super cool and moody in black and white.

Leeds Wedding Photographer Portfolio

Do you have back-up gear?

Lots! If something breaks, we’ve got a spine-bendingly heavy bag full of stuff to jump right in it’s place.

What If I don’t need two photographers?

We always recommend two photographers unless you’re having a very small party in which case feel free to discuss it with us. Two photographers means we’re able to cover bride and groom preparations and cover moments from all angles that may otherwise be missed by just one.

How long does it take before I can see the images?

We aim to get you a preview of your photos within a few days to kick your honeymoon off with and which you can share with your guests. We take a lot of care with your images but know you’re eager so we usually try to get your images on your private gallery within four weeks and your USB of photos back to you within eight weeks, though it's often a much quicker turnaround time than this, and everything is delivered by 4 weeks. Albums typically take 2 months from the beginning of the design process.

Leeds Wedding Photographer Portfolio

So how do I book?

Glad you asked! In the first instance, drop us an email on the contact form or give James a call on 07906333905 to discuss your day. If we’re all good, we ask for a £500 initial payment and the remainder paid 28 days before the big day.

Leeds Wedding Photographer Portfolio