Harewood House Adventures

Me and Lianne had a bit of time off set aside and after being declare @HarewoodHouse ‘s 1000th follower on twitter (and thusly winning a free family ticket to visit) we got suited and booted and headed on up to the most northerly end of Leeds.

I think the last time I was here I must have been about yay high *holds palm around knee height* so it’s a bit of a hazy memory but it turned out to be a fun day in the sun dodging the kids on their school holidays.

Naturally, we tucked into a meal to start off with…a children’s fish and chips was quite sizeable!

Full’ed up we headed around the grounds…

The hair looked pretty 80s to me…

The birdy bit around the back was fun, although resisting the urge to chase ducks was difficult as the kids weren’t doing it either.

We rounded the day off with a visit to the penguins. And it was a revelation to us both to discover penguins actually come from the Himalayas.

FYI, I just discovered Blogstomp! and realised my life was empty without it. It saves me so much time I now have time to pursue all the things in life I thought I was missing – future blog posts on my new found hobbies of crochet and needlecraft coming soon. In all seriousness, if you’re a serious blogger, get Blogstomp! as it makes blogging photos around a trizabillion times faster.