Hello and welcome to a brief interruption to our regularly scheduled programming of beautiful, fun, quirky, vintage and relaxed weddings.

When I and James were deciding to rebrand at the beginning of the year, one thing we wanted to do was not just be a ‘cookie cutter’ wedding photography website showcasing our work, we wanted to be resource to our fabulous brides and grooms. After all, we spend so much time around weddings and the wedding industry, it only stands to reason that we would get to meet, forge relationships and experience first-hand a whole host of wedding suppliers- good and not so good. We only recommend suppliers we would hire ourselves and only recommend people who we have actually seen their work. So here’s our first recommendation*!

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyways!), here at James and we are huge Mad Men fans. You can’t run a vintage inspired wedding photography business and not be – it’s the law I think. To celebrate the new series airing in the UK this week we decided it was apt to have our own little Mad Men party. So after we’ve poured the scotch and lit the cigars we need to put on some appropriate period duds!

Say hello and a big welcome to Love Miss Daisy!

Love Miss Daisy is an online vintage clothing website (they also have a concession shop in Deuxieme & Deuxieme Too, London) specialising in clothing from the 40s to the 80s. They also sell beautiful accessories, shoes, homeware and, more appropriately for you guys- VINTAGE WEDDING DRESSES! Their ethos is quality vintage clothing, and boy does it show!

I discovered this company a little over a year ago and in that time I can safely say that I may be their number one fan and I have had the pleasure of purchasing lots of beautiful, mint condition vintage dresses from them (see below). Now I can hear you cry- ‘Lianne, there’s hundereds of good vintage websites out there!’ Yeah, there is, but this one is GREAT. When you buy from LMD you won’t get vague descriptions like ‘has a few stains’- you will get told if there are any marks, where they are exactly and how they affect the overall look of the garment. But really this is rare. They buy only the most top quality, cherry condition items. If it’s not, the price will reflect it.

Another great thing, nothing smells vintage, it smells brand new. You can wear it as soon as you open the packaging without worrying about getting it dry cleaned or airing it out for days. Their website is really easy to navigate around too! They sort their clothes in size order! It’s such a rare treat to find a vintage shop/website that does this. I don’t want to trawl through clothes that have no chance of fitting me, I want my size and my size only (why suffer the disappointment in finding the perfect 1940s tea dress that is two sizes too big?- cut out the heartache and just look at your size)! Ideal for those quick vintage fixes! Not only that, you can sort by decade too! Fancy rockin a full circle skirt and cardi’ à la 1955? Or are you more into the 70s boho chic look with bold maxi prints? They’ve got it covered.

Once you’ve picked out that houndstooth 1960s mini dress and go to pay, you can rest assured that the dress you’ve ordered will arrive quickly and via first class recorded (right now they have free delievery for orders over £50). And if you should have any problems, Terri and Laura are always quick to respond to any queries that you might have.

I can’t stress enough how much I adore this site, but don’t take my word for it, appropriately divided into Mad Men characters, see below for the amazing pieces I’ve bought from LMD ‘so far’.


Mad Men Love Miss Daisy Vintage Dresses
I love this dress, it’s so demure just like Peggy!
Mad Men Love Miss Daisy Vintage Dresses

This dress was featured in Vogue don’t you know….. ( number eight )


Mad Men Love Miss Daisy Vintage Dresses
If I had to pick one person from Mad Men as my personal style icon, it would be Betty. I adore her feminine, Grace Kellyesque look. The quality of the fabric on this dress is second to none. You’d never be able to make this today.
Mad Men Love Miss Daisy Vintage Dresses

Delicate 1950s prom dress (Left)


Fun and flirty 1950s rockabilly dress (Above right)

Mad Men Love Miss Daisy Vintage Dresses
Quintessentially mad men, gorgeous vibrant pattern , sexy and seductive dress.BRIDAL WARE

As we are a wedding photographers, I really must give a shout about their bridal section. Alot of our couples have vintage themed weddings and are always on the search for that one off perfect vintage dress. Just look at these beauties! I couldnt pick just one! I might have to get married a few times to James just so I can wear them all!

* this is in no way a sponsored blog post and we have not been asked to produce this post by LMD.

Mad Men Love Miss Daisy Vintage Dresses
And with that, we at J+L HQ wish you a happy Mad Men- bring on season 5!