Kelly + Phill – Chateau Rigaud, Bordeaux, France Wedding [Part 1]

Last weekend I could finally add ‘International’ as a prefix to my ‘photographer’ status. The amazing Kelly and Phill jetted me out to the heart of the French rural wine country to photograph their absolutely stunning outdoor wedding at Chateau Rigaud just outside of Bordeaux.

The wedding was a super-extended weekend (if you can start a weekend on a Wednesday?!) of relaxing and wine drinking with family and friends at the heart of their five day party. When I arrived on the Thursday we rocked up to Le Table Rouge on the river as the fireflies buzzed around and the food and wine rolled on out over friendly conversation.

The next morning: After some paracetamol and an Irish breakfast courtesy of Vida, at Gironde Chambres, the house I was staying at (hospitality comes in copious amounts here!) I took the decision to walk to the main Chateau through the vineyards seeing as it was such a nice morning. After turning a 20 minute walk into a 45 minute walk and using up all my French asking for directions ( où est le château!? ) I arrived at the stunning Chateau Rigaud.

…And I joined Kelly who was getting ready in the grand settings of the master suite.

Phill was doing his best to relax his nerves with a dip in the pool followed by a wealth of tasty sandwiches and beer courtesy of Steve, the Chateau’s chef. (At this stage I have to pimp out Steve as being a legend in the kitchen!)

From the relative calm of the gents to the mayhem of the girls…!

Kelly’s dad came to collect her from the room, clearly feeling like a proud man.

After that, I think I could happily shoot outdoor weddings on an exclusive basis!

Everyone moved out to the back of the Chateau for an extravagant layout of canapés as the band wandered among the guests with an excellent repertoire of songs.


Part 2 after the break.



Nicely done James, great stuff. Love that chandelier and window shot!

These are beautiful! Especially love the dark & moody groom prep images. The light is just stunning in France isn’t it?!


It was amazing light! The groom preps look remarkably similar to your civil partnership preps (which I’m in awe of btw!)…. great minds eh!?

Hi James

Great pictures. Looks like you are doing well. I am really pleased for you.
I just wondered if you have any pictures from this wedding of the mother of the groom. Sue Green- lovely lady. I made all her accessories. She was wearing a peachy/cream long dress.

With her and your permission I would love to put her on my website. With your name mentioned of course!!!

Let me know your thoughts.Thank you

Kind regards

Lou Lou Puchalka

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