Lottes + Rob – A Steampunk Engagement

Meet the uber-cool Lottes and Rob. When they booked us last  year for their steampunk inspired wedding extravaganza next month, we immediately billed it as the most unique and exciting wedding of 2011. We are so geared up for it, we can’t wait!

We decided that their engagement session had to do justice to their wedding and it needed the perfect venue. We really do spend quite a while putting in the research and making sure we know what your wedding is about (and we didn’t pretend to have a vast knowledge of Steampunk). But after some hard cramming, brainstorming and a flipchart presentation (maybe that last bit’s not quite true) cue a befitting industrial setting and the romance…


For the camera geeks amongst our readers – we whipped out the TSE24 Mkii 3,5L for a trial run. It’s quite a creative bit of kit but darn tricky!Love this photo! Such a random find but we couldn’t resist using it.

Watch this space next month for the no doubt super-awesome wedding photos from Lottes’ & Rob’s wedding.