Louise & Michael’s Engagement at Holbæk Fjord, Denmark

Back in November of last year we shot an amazing Steampunk wedding for Lottes and Rob and shortly after received the most lovely email from a lady in Denmark called Louise. Which started with:

” Hello, I am not writing to book your services (though I would love to have an occasion where they would be needed) but I just want to compliment you on your amazing work and homepage….”

Louise was a friend of Lottes and Rob’s but being so far away simply couldn’t attend their wedding. We were so touched by the email and thankful that she’d just reached out to us. But following that email in November, New Year had been and gone and we received another email from Louise shortly after on January 5th:

“Good morning James and Lianne :), Little did I know when I last time wrote you, that I myself would actually be getting married soon. But it happened, he proposed a few days ago, and I obviously thought of you almost immediately…”

And with that, we were getting out our Danish phrasebooks (far harder than we’d anticipated!) and packing our bags for another international wedding. Their wedding is set in the town of Holbæk about an hour outside of Copenhagen where the roofs look distinctly Danish, the wind-farms dot the landscape and the waves of the fjord lap at the edge of the town. Two things we learnt about Louise and Michael whilst we were out on their engagement: 1: Louise doesn’t like to get wet. 2: Michael never runs (no matter how wet he is!).

On day one we headed out for an engagement shoot around Holbæk Fjord in some very autumnal rain. Luckily there was a windmill to hide in for shelter (we don’t get to say that very often in the UK!). This is also where we learnt those two aforementioned things about Louise and Michael!