Our own vintage promo shoot

Me and Lianne are hitting the vintage wedding fairs this Autumn so we’ve been busy putting together our printed promotional materials. We were in need of some photos of the both of us so set up a ‘spare-bedroom-studio’ and got a-clicking.

We thought we’d start off with some behind-the-scenes bridal-prep-esque shots…

Pocket square and tie choices with Lianne looked exceptionally more glamorous than I! I love this shot below. She just looks stunning!

I’m bringing back the wearing of a carnation in the lapel. It’s one of those lost customs and it deserves more recognition than it generally gets these days. Bonus points for carnations from a home-grown crop! Like so…

Onto the actual shoot. We had to do the whole ‘floating in the air like we’re at a Venture family shoot’ thing that I hate but it’s for the benefit of our promo materials which will all come together later on.

American Gothic anyone?!




No doubt all the ladies will be asking where Lianne’s dresses are from. They’re all real vintage; the blue one above is from Camden Market and the other is from Love Miss Daisy.

Have a great week!