For Intimate Weddings

There's nothing quite like an elopement wedding, we know, we did it ourselves. Just the two of you and a tiny handful of your nearest and dearest. For us, it was a way of keeping the wedding about what's important and elopements and tiny weddings have become our favourite type of wedding.

What is a Tiny Wedding?

Our Elopement and Tiny Wedding Package is for weddings with a maximum of 22 guests (including yourselves) for the whole day, but it can be as few as just the two of you. You don’t need to be trotting off to some far flung corner of the world, you could be getting married in one of the intimate venues dotted around our great country. You’re likely having an informal day, perhaps with a slap-up meal somewhere. You’re happy to go with the flow. Maybe spend a bit of time on photos of the two of you, maybe not. But casual is the name of the game.

The package includes one of us (in case two is overkill) and we can be as much a part of the day as you like or we can blend into the background as we always do. We can even act as a witness if you’d like us to. We charge £250 per hour with a minimum spend of £750 ideally on a Monday to Thursday. But we’re very flexible;  have both of us if you like, if we really like the sound of your day we’ll maybe shoot your wedding if it’s on a Friday to Sunday. Make your wedding the way you want and we’ll be as flexible and adaptable as you need us.

What's Included?

One Photographer.
Flexible number of photos (usually around 50 per hour).
We can act as a witness if you need us to.
£250 per hour (minimum spend of £750).
Mondays to Thursdays or alternatively at our discretion.