Tanya + Joseph – Bollywood Wedding Party [East Kewswick Wedding Photographer]

I first met Joseph at Emma + Andy’s wedding when I snapped him drinking wine out of a wellington boot… so when he asked me to come shoot his Bollywood themed wedding party, it was a no-brainer!

Tanya + Joseph even brought me back to Emma + Andy’s reception venue at East Keswick Village Hall on the outskirts of Leeds. The surrounding rolling hills and picturesque views make it a favourite venue for me too.

There was a Bollywood dress code. Joseph’s footwear was setting the benchmark.

Tanya looked stunning in her Bollywood finery but it all takes upkeep…

As the guests arrived, the misbehaviour and shenanigans I had expected began to roll on in. Craig David even made an appearance.

Keeping it tradish’, the menu and canapés consisted of curries, samosas, bhajis and  nan breads.

The drinks were in full flow as the guests mingled and got to check out each others efforts in the costume department.

Night drew in which signaled the start of the speeches which was a mixture of words of high-regard and a smattering of embarrassing photos and cringe-worthy stories.

Time to dance! T+J organised a Bollywood dance workshop for their guests which everyone was keen to get involved with. I loved this as it was great to photograph people having a laugh and trying something new! After the dance workshop nobody wanted to leave the dancefloor, so the Bollywood dance carried on into the night as the colours of everyone’s garb mixed with each others. It was an awesome night, and a great way to celebrate the couple’s tying of the knot.