Top 100 Wedding Photographers in the world

Top 100 Wedding Photographers In The World England UK Leeds Yorkshire Wedding Industry Experts 2013

We have just been voted by the public as one of the TOP 100 WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE WORLD in the Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Awards. This is a truly amazing result for us and we couldn’t be happier. We’re about to get on our metaphorical podium now and take our little trophy and say a little acceptance speech so bear with us…

We’ve been doing this wedding biz for three years now since our first tentative steps into the world of weddings. The first wedding we shot [HERE] we had never in fact even been to a wedding before, so it was a brand new game to us! Slowly the business grew and we hung out more with clients and our little business became a bigger business but it all felt natural. We never pushed anything, we just let people come in, meet us, we chatted, we drank tea, we laughed, we took photos. We had fun. The whole business has always been about people and fun, never about how big we can get or about the cash dollar$. We’re only now realising that’s the best part about who we are as a wedding photography team – we’re a couple of people persons who make people who are at their most nervous and stressed feel totally at ease and relaxed and have fun doing it… and we built a business around that.

Thank you to everyone who we now call friends from the past three years and here’s to the sunny path ahead.

J+L x